Portugal: Sintra

by | Apr 27, 2019

A Taste of Portugal


Continuing from the Lisbon microblog… The train from Lisbon to Sintra took less than hour, so even though we started late, we were still able to see much of this UNESCO World Heritage Site city.  A packed bus took us up a windy hill, and in 15 minutes we arrived in front of a magnificent Moorish castle constructed in the 8th and 9th centuries.  The Castelo dos Mouros (the Castle of the Moors) was built high on a stony hilltop guarding over Sintra.  

The narrow battlements.

Overlooking Sintra below.

The sprawling wall.

After hiking around the castle walls, we took another bus further uphill to the next stop, Pena Palace.  The bright colors of the eclectic stonework and sheer size of the Moorish architecture seemed right out of a storybook.    

On the path to the palace.

The view over the front gate.

Amazingly intricate stonework.

A small but lovely palace chapel.

The palace dining room.

Because we had started late in the day, we only had time for one more stop before heading back to Lisbon.  We decided to go Quinta da Regaleira (the Regaleira Palace) and its whimsical garden.  We were searching for the famous Initiation Well, which was one of the many interesting landmarks on the grounds.

Quinta da Regaleira.

A stone tower ruin overlooks a catwalk passing by serene pools.

The incredible Initiation Well.

Our last destination in Portugal is Porto… coming next!

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